Score your knowledge of your wine cellar like the pros score wine. Where are you on the 100 point scale?


1) What’s in your wine cellar?

      a) I have a complete listing of every bottle and its location.

      b) I know where the reds are and I know where the whites are, but that’s about it

      c) I could stumble across a 1997 Kendall Jackson Sauvignon Blanc because I’m not sure what I have or where anything is.


2) What’s the value of the wines in your cellar?

      a) I know how much I paid for each bottle.

      b) Let’s see, I have about 500 bottles and they average about $25, so…

      c) I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent on wine – it would be too scary


3) Do you remember the wines you served at Thanksgiving two years ago that went so well with roast turkey?

      a) I know exactly what wines were served and how they were rated.

      b) I think it was a Pinot– or was it a Chardonnay. I know it wasn’t a Pinot Grigio.

      c) I don’t remember what wine I had last night, let alone two Thanksgivings ago.


4) What’s the oldest Cabernet or Bordeaux in your cellar?

      a) It’s a 1978 Chateau Grand-Puy-Lacoste Saint Guirons. It needs to be drunk soon.

      b) I have some cabs from 10 to 15 years ago that I bought when I was in Napa, but I’m not sure exactly when. I’d have to look through the section where I think I put them. I wonder if any of them should be drunk now?

      c) The one with the most dust.


5) How much wine have you purchased each year over the last few years?

      a) I can print out reports and graphs showing the number of bottles and the total cost, by year.

      b) I average about 10 bottles a week between my own drinking and parties. At about $25 per bottle, that’s roughly… But I’m not sure if I averaged that five or ten years ago. Maybe a little more now than then.

      c) As I said, it would be too scary to know what I spend on wine. What I don’t know won’t hurt me.


6) Do you have any wines that are way past the ideal time when they should be drunk?

      a) No. I set up a general drinking range for each wine when I add it to my cellar and I can print out a list of wines sorted by year. I can also print out a list of wines that I have marked to drink NOW based on how it was the last time I drank a bottle.

      b) Maybe. Every now and then I find a bottle that’s way past its time. I haven’t lost anything significant lately, but I’ve had my cellar long enough now that there may be some “time bombs” that I don’t know about.

      c) Ouch. Last month I found a half case of Kistler Chardonnay that I forgot about. Is Chardonnay supposed to be brown? Maybe it will change back like the Chateau Montelena did in Bottle Shock.


7) What’s the most valuable bottle of wine in your cellar?

      a) A 1994 Dalla Valle Maya. Parker gave it a 99 and said not to drink it for at least 20 years, so maybe I’ll break it out sometime this year.

      b) Probably one of those older Napa Cabs that I bought ten or fifteen years ago – if they’re not past their prime.

      c) I have no clue. It’s probably the one with the most dust – but I know it’s not the 1997 KJ Sauv Blanc.


8) How many different wine types do you have in your cellar?

      a) 41. That’s counting Zinfandel and Primitivo as two different types.

      b) Probably about a dozen. Does Bordeaux count as a wine type?

      c) Three:  red, white, and pink.


9) Which wine type do you have the most bottles of?

      a) I have 418 bottles of Zinfandel. Cab is in second place with 245 bottles.

      b) I drink mostly cabs, so I probably have more Cabernet Sauvignon than anything else. On the other hand, if I drink mostly cabs, maybe I don’t have that many of them. So, I would guess Pinot Noir.

      c) Red


10) How do you keep track of the wine in your cellar?

      a) I use software like CellarTracker™ or CellarInfo™ and update it frequently.

      b) I use a spreadsheet but don’t necessarily keep it up to date.

      c) I don’t need no stinkin’ computer program.


With apologies to Wine Spectator, score 10 points for each (a) answer; 7 points for each (b); and 5 points for each (c).


      95-100 Classic: great wine cellar knowledge                    You must be using CellarInfo!

      90-94 Outstanding: superior knowledge                           You're probably using CellarInfo, but not using every feature.

      85-89 Very good: OK knowledge                                      You may be using cellar management software, but it's not CellarInfo!

      80-84 Good: solid knowledge with minor flaws                 It's time to get serious about tracking your cellar.

      75-79 Mediocre: passing knowledge with major flaws      You really need to start using CellarInfo.

      50-74 Not recommended                                                  OK, we get it. You don't want to know what's in your cellar.

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