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Enter wine information and add the quantity of bottles on hand.


The wine form serves as the main menu for CellarInfo. It is displayed whenever you launch CellarInfo. This is where basic information about each wine is entered. You can enter the appellation, wine type, flavor profiles, ratings, ideal drinking window, tasting notes, and more. The location of each bottle of the wine on hand is also displayed.


Use the Winery form to record information about each winery. There are four “tabs” on the form:  Winery, Details, History, and Charges. The winery tab shows basic information about the winery, a summary of wines purchased and drunk, and lists bottles on  hand. The detail tab displays more detailed information about the winery. The history tab shows all of the bottles that have been drunk. The Charges tab provides information about purchases you have made from the winery.

Assign individual wine bottles to cellar locations.

Cellar Locations

The Location form identifies each location where you store your wine and shows the bottles on hand in the location. Use the Quick Report feature to print out a list of the bottles in the location or print out a label for each bottle on standard Avery label stock.

CellarInfo contains dozens of standard reports.


There are dozens of CellarInfo reports and graphs covering everything you need to know about your cellar. And reports can be filtered to home in on the smallest details. For example, you can print a report showing what wines you had with Thanksgiving dinner last year and how they were rated. How many bottles of wine did you purchase last year and how many did you drink? CellarInfo tracks that. And if you can’t find the exact report you need, you can create a custom report.

Show wines in a tree view by wine style.


You can display a tree view of your wines by location, wine type, appellation, flavor profile, and wine style. Drag and drop bottles from one location to another. Or double click a bottle to display it in the Wine form.

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