Purchase the Premium Version of CellarInfo if you are comfortable working with Microsoft    Office. CellarInfo Premium is completely open and includes access to the design of CellarInfo forms, reports, database structure, and even the Visual Basic source code. With CellarInfo Premium, you can create your own reports and graphs. Install the full Microsoft Access 2010 program or better (not just the runtime) to fully utilize CellarInfo Premium and Microsoft Office features.


CellarInfo Basic - $99

If you don't think you will ever want to create custom reports or customize CellarInfo forms, reports, or the database structure, CellarInfo Basic is your best bet. However, if you have Microsoft Access 2010 or better installed on your computer, there is some Access functionality you may not be able to utilize with CellarInfo Basic that you can with CellarInfo Premium. Nevertheless, CellarInfo Basic provides everything needed to manage any size wine cellar and is ideal for many users.

CellarInfo Trial - Free

If you have reviewed all of the CellarInfo features in the Overview section and still aren't sure CellarInfo will work for you, download the Trial Version. It has the same functionality as CellarInfo Basic except it is limited to 32 wines.

Current Release:  v2.1.275

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