Have you ever been watching a movie or television show and noticed a wine bottle in the background? In many cases, you can probably guess the identity of the wine by the general outline of the wine label. But what about identifying a winery by the the top of its capsule? That's all you will typically see when you are in your wine cellar because most of the wines are laying down.


See how many wineries you can identify in the picture below. They are all from either Napa or Sonoma.


Print this out and mark your answers, (A) through (N), starting from the top left, going left to right. Or just list your answers on a separate piece of paper. After you have finished, click here for the answers.

Wine trivia

(A)  Imagery Winery


(B)  Forman Vineyard


(C)  Arrowood Vineyards


(D)  Twomey Cellars


(E)  Ridge Vineyards


(F)  Wilson Winery


(G)  Hartwell Estate Vineyards


(H)  Kobalt Wines


(I)  Papapierto Perry Winery


(J)  Diamond Creek Vineyards


(K)  Hartford Family Winery


(L)  Robert Foley Vineyards


(M)  Dalla Valle Vineyards


(N)  Silver Oak Cellars

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