How did you do?


All 12 correct:      Master Somm (or you win a lot of NASCAR championships).

9 - 11 correct:      Excellent. You know your wine bottle sizes (or you know your biblical kings). Or both.

6 - 8 correct:        Very good. If you got Melchizedek, you get a Very Good with a gold star.

3 - 5 correct:        Satisfactory. Room for improvement.

0 - 2 correct:        We gave you Magnum and Double Magnum. Maybe we should have included box wine sizes.

Wine trivia

7.   Nebuchadnezzar


3.   Jeroboam or Rehoboam


6.   Balthazar


5.   Salmanazar


1.  Magnum


12. Melchizedek


10. Sovereign


8.   Melchior


2.   Double Magnum or Jeroboam


9.   Solomon


4.   Imperial or Methuselah


11. Goliath or Primat

Interesting Note: Why are most of the larger bottles named after ancient kings of Israel? Not even Wine Spectator's Dr. Vinny knows for sure. The most likely reason is that the first large bottle, Jeroboam, was named after a king to indicate it's grandeur. After that, it was natural to continue to name ever larger sizes in the same manner. We're not sure Melchizedek was any grander than Balthazar. (*1.5 L and 4.5 L bottles can both be referred to as Jeroboams).

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