After most major sports and racing championships, the winners will be shown shaking bottles of Champagne and spewing the contents all over themselves, their teammates, and the fans (but not at the Indy 500). The bottles vary in size from large to huge. But what are the bottles called? Most people know that a magnum is equal to two standard bottles and a double magnum is twice that. But what's a Methuselah or Balthazar?


See how many bottle sizes you can name. The bottles depicted are Burgundy style and are not necessarily to scale. Bordeaux and Champagne bottle shapes will be different.


Print this out and mark your answers, 1 through 12. Or list your answers on a separate piece of paper. After you have finished, click here for the answers.

Wine trivia

_____ Nebuchadnezzar


_____  Jeroboam or Rehoboam


_____ Balthazar


_____ Salmanazar


_____ Magnum


_____ Melchizedek


_____ Sovereign


_____ Melchior


_____ Double Magnum or Jeroboam


_____ Solomon


_____  Imperial or Methuselah


_____ Goliath or Primat

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