CellarInfo was originally developed in 2003 to manage the personal wine cellar of a software CEO. Over the years, as the wine cellar (and the developers’ appreciation for wine) grew, they tinkered with it when it needed to be tinkered with, adding features, improving the interface, and making it simpler to use. In 2011 the CEO retired (actually moved up to board chair).


Big dilemma: What to do with the wine cellar program!

Bigger dilemma: How to continue the every-other-Friday-afternoon wine tastings – the CEO’s way of thanking the developers for indulging his interest in wine!


Solution:  Figure out a way to upgrade the program to: The Complete Wine Cellar Management Application for Any Size Cellar. And sell it to others who want the most comprehensive, easiest to use wine cellar software there is. At a price that would cover the costs of maintaining and supporting it. After all the expenses of hosting the website and paying for accounting, necessary computer hardware and software, business licensing fees, and other costs, our goal is to have enough left over to continue the every-other-Friday-afternoon wine tastings. Maybe not with Harlan Estate Cab or DRC LaTache, but possibly with some nice California PNOs and a Super Tuscan every now and then.


In any event, if you have a wine cellar, we know you have more than an average interest in wine. And CellarInfo is the perfect software application to complement that interest.


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